After waking up

A glass of water early in the morning helps the body to activate. It hydrates the body, which has become dehydrated during night sleep. In addition, it stimulates metabolism and triggers the work of all internal organs.

An added bonus is that by taking water before you put any food in your mouth, you are cleansing yourself of gathered toxins.

Before eating

Many people have the habit of drinking water during meals, thinking that this makes it easier to absorb the food. However, this is incorrect and achieves exactly the opposite effect – the stomach bloats and the digestive juices and enzymes are diluted.

The correct time to drink water is about 30 minutes before each meal. This is how you signal the stomach to kick in and aid digestion.

Water, half an hour before a meal, is even able to reduce weight because it lowers appetite. Drinking between 250 and 500ml of water before the three main meals can lead to a weight loss of up to 4. 8kg in 12 weeks, according to a study by the University of Birmingham.

Hour after meal

Immediately after a meal is also not a good time to drink water. Only an hour or so after lunch or dinner is over is the next right time to quench your thirst. This will help your body absorb nutrients better.

Before and during bodybuilding

Almost every athlete has felt the life-giving power of water during exercise. It helps optimize effort and fat burning. However, it’s also good to know that fluids need about 60 minutes to reach the muscles.

So be sure to prepare your body for the upcoming effort by drinking a glass of water about an hour before you start your workout. You can also drink water during the workout itself, but it is important to take larger sips – 120-130 ml for women and 150-180 ml for men.


Before sleep

About an hour before you go to bed, it’s a good idea to drink another glass of water.

While you sleep, your body loses a certain amount of fluid. A glass of water, however, will assist him in preventing this loss and assist in cell regeneration during night rest.

Bottle at hand

Thirst is a sign that you are already late. The body loses its fluids so quickly that the information cannot reach the brain immediately.

However, as soon as your mind has already reacted and is giving you a thirst signal, it means that your body is already feeling a water shortage. Try not to stay thirsty.

A useful trick to achieve this is to always have a bottle of water within reach. When the bottle is in front of your eyes, you will reach for it throughout the day without feeling and preserve the water balance in your body.

Signs of dehydration

Besides thirst, which is a sure sign that you need to drink water at the moment, there are some more signals that indicate a more serious lack of fluids.

The color of urine is one of them. The more clear and transparent it is, the more hydrated the body is. Its darker color accordingly indicates that you need to take more water. Dry mouth or cracked lips are another important signal that you should not ignore.

In small portions

No matter how hot it is outside, however tired you are from training, avoid getting swallowed with plenty of water at once. This will also take air with the liquid and your stomach will swell. Moreover, a large amount of water can not be fully absorbed, and part of it simply passes through the body.

At room temperature

Ice water may be refreshing, but it’s not a friend of digestion. It literally extinguishes the digestive fire. So you’d better drink it at room temperature.