Every small cell needs water. All life processes in the human body are connected with water. Without it, life on Earth would not be possible at all.

But can you guess yet what special powers this useful substance hides? In the following lines we will present you a new look at something so well known, something that has long become part of the landscape of our day.

According to some people, water exists in a six-dimensional world in which we only perceive individual manifestations. In other words, a part of water and its qualities are elusive to human perception, but they are what keep the energy balance within us. The energetic power of water can affect the mind and body by purifying the mind and setting it on the right waves.

Japanese voyager Masaru Emoto has given a significant part of his life doing water experiments. He believes that water molecules are influenced by people’s thoughts and words, that water affects our emotions and also that it has the power to transform them into positive energy. According to believers in the supernatural forces of water, the presence of water symbols in the home (for example, picture, aquarium, water lamp) magnetizes consciousness by instilling calm, confidence, and strength. According to funshui, water is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. It’s nice to include the element around one of the northern walls in the home. But we should be careful not to put water symbols in the bedroom – it is believed that this suppresses marital craving.

Peter Dunow and his followers also believe that water is a powerful element that can benefit the harmony of the body, as long as we know how to tap into its powers. He says:

„Carrying the water is healthy because one takes the magnetism from the water. “

Water has many beneficial actions – it hydrates, cools, cleanses the body, dissolves sediments and, last but not least, is a good conductor of magnetism.

Is the water wise?

The water is very ancient! The same water has been circulating in nature for millions of years. It collects all the energy on Earth and transforms it into the most valuable resource for us and all living organisms. Dr. Emoto even believes that water reflects the consciousness of mankind. What do you think? Is it really possible to hide such an invisible force in the water?