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For office

Water supplies for your office

We at Globe System are a customer oriented company. We offer our corporate customers solutions to centralize their water supply and ensure a seamless and adequate service of their needs.

Интуитивни доставки
  • С предварително зададени адаптивни количества

  • През определен период от време (индивидуален график)

  • Без клиента да проследява наличности

  • Неограничен брой различни адреси и точки за доставка

  • Възможност за прилагане на схема за здравословно редуване на различните типове води

Отложено плащане
  • Еднократно месечно плащане

  • Независимо от количествата и стойностите на доставените стоки

Съпътстваща документация
  • Еднократни месечни фактури, окомплектовани с:

    • Детайлни информационни приложения към месечните фактури за улеснен анализ
    • Приложени копия на всички документи за получаване на доставки, подписани от оторизираните лица
  • Комплект документация съгласно изискванията на ISO сертификации

  • Удостоверения за съответствие, протоколи от изпитания и сертификати на продуктите, издадени от производителите.

Анализи и справки
  • Възможност за създаване на безплатни аналитични таблици и справки на потребление и разходи

Пестене на пари
  • Улесняване получаването на доставки – чрез прилагане на нашата система за приемане на заявки и изпълнение на доставки, осигуряваме 100% сигурност на поетите ангажименти.

Хигиена и здраве
  • Автоматично сигнализиране за хигиенизация и профилактика на апаратите за подаване на вода, съобразен с индивидуален времеви интервал.


Всеки артикул в нашата експедиционна база се дезинфекцира преди постъпване и преди изпращане към клиентите с препарат, одобрен и предназначен за хранително вкусовата промишленост. Всички транспортни средства се дезинфекцират преди началото и след края на работния ден. Всички служители спазват противоепидемичните мерки, съгласно препоръките на Министерство на здравеопазването.


For corporate service inquiries with customized terms, please contact us

We offer effective tailor-made solutions to the needs of our corporate clients.

Promotional offers

  • Model: 16B – Silver

  • Hot and cold water device B16 - Silver
  • Model: B42 – GRM2

  • Hot and cold water device B42 – GRM2
  • Model: S55-LUX

  • АHot and cold water device – S55-LUX
  • Model: В75 – МВ Steel

  • Hot and cold water device – В75 – МВ Steel
  • Model: 5E- Silver-LM

  • Choice of colour - white, grey or black. Promo price* 39. 99lv

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    Customers about us

    The team of professionals impressed us with exceptional honesty, timely execution of requests, the possibility of full and comprehensive service, personal attitude and care for the client, as well as with exceptional responsiveness and rational approach. Due to our established experience in working with them, we especially recommend them to customers with high demands for quality and honesty.

    Sitel Bulgaria EOOD

    With this reference GOPET TRANS LTD expresses its satisfaction with its cooperation with Globe System Ltd. , dating back to the beginning of 2008. The high professionalism of the employees and the commitment of the team to the client’s requirements is impressive. The problems that have arisen are solved quickly and qualitatively.

    Globe System Ltd specialises in the supply of mineral water and mineral water dispensers and the challenge on these presents no difficulty to the team. Any issues that arise are dealt with competently and within a very short timescale.

    The successful cooperation with Globe System Ltd. gives us a reason to give high appreciation for the quality of service and delivery deadlines, as well as for the professionalism and responsiveness of the company’s team.


    Almost all companies of the Overgas Group have been working with Glob System Ltd. without interruption since the beginning of 2013. Globe System Ltd. is an extremely loyal partner, oriented towards fulfilling the customer’s requirements, both in terms of deliveries and servicing, as well as in organizing and administering the entire process from ordering to payment for the deliveries made.

    We are extremely satisfied with their strict adherence to the agreed deadlines and to the parameters of the products supplied. I am happy to recommend the services of Globe System Ltd. and with the conviction of guaranteed professional performance and extremely good partnership.

    Overgas Group

    With this Reference we at GENESIS LABORATORIES Ltd. share our satisfaction and appreciation for the work and professionalism of Globe Systems Ltd. , use their services since 2011. The team of the company is distinguished by high professionalism, honesty and compliance with the individual requirements and specifics of each client. We wholeheartedly recommend Globe Systems Ltd, as a loyal partner that can be relied upon for excellent water supply solutions and water dispensers. With best wishes for future and ever successful cooperation.

    Genesis Laboratories Ltd

    With this reference, we at Railings BG Ltd. would like to share our satisfaction and appreciation for the work and professionalism of the company Globe Systems Ltd. , which we know as vodi4ka. com. We have been working together since 2008. and to this day we continue to use their services. Thanks to the individual approach of their employees and a detailed study of our needs, they perform their task excellent .

    Railings BG Ltd

    For any questions and inquiries, please contact us

    The finest selection of mineral, table and spring waters!
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