Water dispenser with a built-in 4-stage filtering system

Dispenser number Purchase 1-month rent
B16 Silver UF 327 leva From 29lv – to 55lv
75SS UF 475 leva From 55лв – to 75lv

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    The water dispenser is a convenient and economical device for supplying cold, room or hot drinking water. This water purification system is suitable for houses, offices, shops and can be used anywhere in the home. It is mounted directly to the water supply network and is equipped with a multi-stage molecular water purification system based on the process of 5-stage filtration.

    Modern eco-technology

    The filtering system purifies harmful particles and bacteria and significantly improves the taste and smell of the water. The final product is crystal clear and fresh water, which is always available.

    Unlimited quantity of quality water

    The dispenser is mounted directly to the water supply network and is equipped with a 5-stage molecular water purification system, which guarantees you an unlimited amount of drinking water of consistently high quality.

    3 temperatures – cold, room temperature, warm and hot

    The machine provides filtered water with 3 different temperatures – cold (5-7 degrees), room and hot (85 – 95 degrees). This makes it extremely suitable for both the summer heat and cold winter days when there is increased consumption of hot drinks such as tea. and coffee.

    Save on your water costs

    With the filtration dispenser you always have an unlimited amount of crystal clear water at a low price, which reduces water costs and saves time and effort.

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