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Natural spring water PURE H2O is untouched living water, which has kept its taste qualities in result of its natural mineralization. The water comes from the foot of the Rhodopes. The spring is located close to the city of Bratsigovo, in the purest ecological area of Europe, according to research, conducted by NASA. The neutral pH and the low level of mineralization make the water especially suitable for everyday usage, as well as consumption by pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children. The highest international standards for quality (ISO9001:2008) are applied in the factory and the water is bottled directly from the source. In the process of bottling there is no human contact, which guarantees the hygiene and the protection of the water from external factors. This makes every bottle of PURE H20 in the perfect combination between content and shape.

Type and water trademark Total mineralization mg/l pH Sodium(Na) mg/l Fluorine(F) mg/l
Natural Spring Water PURE H2O 314 7.48 30.02 0.1

Видове води изворна Pure H2O

Изворна вода Pure H2O 0.5л.

Natural spring water Pure H2O 0.330л.

Изворна вода Pure H2O 0.5л.

Natural spring water Pure H2O 0.5л.

Изворна вода Pure H2O 1.2л.

Natural spring water Pure H2O 1.2л.

Изворна вода Pure H2O 19л.

Natural spring water Pure H2O 19л.

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