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Black Detox Water

Black Detox Water – the black water is a natural drinking water with an activated carbon in a 330ml glass bottle.
The PREMIUM design of the bottle combines the minimalistic spirit and the modern vision.
Black Detox Water is enriched with high-quality activated carbon from coconut shells, thanks to which it acquires a unique black colour naturally. The water has neutral taste and aroma.

The activated carbon is a globally recognized detoxification aid. Naturally, it cleans the body from toxins, heavy metals, allergens, bacteria and viruses, improves the immunity and helps the delivery of amino acids to the cells of the body. In the right dosage, the water is a unique addition to every healthy and detoxifying diet.

  • The benefits from the usage of activated carbon from coconut are:
    Cleansing of the digestive system
    Cleansing alcohol poisoning and hangover
    Reliefs stomach swelling and discomfort
    Removes bad cholesterol
    Helps the body regenerate after sport activities
    Deals with the extra weight
    Naturally whitens the teeth
    Slows down aging and improves the health

Contains:100% the purest spring water, 1g activated carbon (for 1L)
100% VEGAN product

Calories: 0
Sugar:: 0
Fat:: 0

The recommended consumption is up to two bottles of 330ml Black Detox Water daily..
The water is not suitable for children and pregnant women.

Types of water Black Detox Water

Black Detox Water 0,3 л.


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