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  • Electronic cooling
  • Self-contained device (tall)
  • Heating power: 400W
  • Cooling power: 65W
  • Heating capacity: 5 l/hour
  • Cooling capacity: 0. 7 l/hour
  • Hot water tank capacity: 1. 1 l.
  • Cold water tank capacity: 0. 75 l.
  • Hot water: 85° – 95°C
  • Cold water: 10° – 12°C
  • Possibility of installation of plastic cup holder
  • Packing dimensions: 335/325/980 mm.
  • Device dimensions: 310/315/960 mm.
  • 24 months warranty
  • Color: Silver metallic


  • 158 lv. without concluding a contract
  • 139.90 lv. with a one-year contract for a minimum consumption of two 19l. bottles per month
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  • High, stand-alone dispenser with electronic cooling, which is placed directly on the floor.
  • Very easy to use and maintain, made of high quality materials.
  • Modern design.
  • Electronic cooling is suitable for apparatus under low load. Such are those that are used at home and small offices with up to 3-4 people. Cooling occurs in the hygienic tank, on the outside of which peltier element is placed. This is a ceramic tile that contains many PN transitions. When powered by an electric current, one side of the Peltier element is cooled and the other is heated. The cooling side is placed facing the hygienic tank in which the water is located. The heated side of the tile, it is necessary to cool, by placing a radiator and fan.
  • In order to facilitate the process of air circulation and cooling, electronic cooling apparatus must be placed at least 10 cm. distance between the back of the apparatus and other objects, such as walls. The peltier element cools the water to a temperature between 5°C-12°C, but the ambient temperature has a serious impact. The cooling capacity here is about 700ml. for 1 hour. It is important that the possibilities of the electronic cooling apparatus are not exceeded, as this leads to overloading of the cooling system and may lead to damage. The electronic cooling system has a lower value than the compressor and therefore the apparatus is offered at noticeably lower prices, which is their main advantage.
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