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Water dispensers

Hygiene and health with reliable water dispensers from 19l. bottles

The key advantage of our water dispensers from 19l. bottles is HYGIENE.

The models we have are pre-tested by our service team and fulfil with the “NoInflux” system against the penetration of external particles and environmental influences. Some of the models have additional dust collectors that refine the sanitation process.

Hygiene and health!

The main characteristic that each water dispenser of 19l. bottles, is the ability to offer a high level of hygiene. The advantages of water consumption of 19l. bottles are comprehensive. This enables people to consume water sourced from a variety of ecologically clean natural and geographical areas, away from the unclean urban environment. Another advantage is the possibility of alternating different types of water by origin, composition and beneficial properties for the human body.

Compress or electronic cooling?

The main technical difference between the water supply devices is the water cooling technology. While preheating is standard in all models – by means of a hygienic tank with an electric heater heating the water to 85°C-95°C, cooling is conditionally divided into compressor and electronic. It is important to note that in both options, the water has NO CONTACT with the coolers themselves. They are housed around the outer shell of the hygiene.

Compressor cooling is the more efficient and reliable method. Comparable to refrigeration in refrigerators and air conditioners, compressor cooling in water delivery units uses a compressor system with Freon gas. Compressor-cooled units are suitable for home use as well as for offices and businesses with heavy and light loads. The water from the bottle falls directly into a hygienic tank around which the Freon coolers pass, where the cooling process takes place. The compressor cooling competences allow an extremely large flow of water to be cooled without the cooling level dropping. The standard cooling capacity is to produce about 3-5 litres of chilled water in 1 hour. The standard factory setting provides for cooling to be between 5°C and 7°C , but the precise setting may vary depending on the user’s preference. Ambient temperature has almost no effect on cooling. Compressor cooled units have a significantly longer life. Under normal operating conditions, they can provide trouble-free use for more than a decade.

Electronic cooling is suitable for devices that are subjected to light loads. These are the ones used in homes and small offices with up to 3-4 people. Cooling takes place in the hygienic tank, on the outside of which a Peltier element is placed. This is a ceramic tile that contains many PN transitions. When energized with an electric current, one side of the Peltier element is cooled and the other is heated. The cooling side is placed facing the hygiene tank, which contains the water. The heated side of the tile needs to be cooled by placing a radiator and fan. In order to facilitate the air circulation and cooling process, electronically cooled units must be placed at least 10 cm. the distance between the rear of the apparatus and other objects, such as walls. The Peltier element cools the water to between 5°C-12°C, but the ambient temperature has a serious effect. The cooling capacity here is about 700ml. in 1 hour. It is important not to exceed the capability of the electronically cooled apparatus, as this will overload the cooling system and possibly cause damage. The electronic cooling system has a lower cost than compressor cooling and therefore the units are available at noticeably lower prices, which is their main advantage.

Discrete or desktop unit?

The water supply device in 19l. bottles are divided into two types, depending on their height. Self-standing are the devices that are placed directly on the floor. Their height is suitable for comfortable use. The sizes of the self-contained device vary depending on the model and are determined by user preference. Some versions have a cabinet at the bottom. The desktop units are conventionally called low. In the most common case it is conveniently placed on a stand, shelf, kitchen bar or other suitable furniture. In case of limited space and choice of a table-type apparatus, it is important to consider the height of the bottle to be placed on the apparatus – about 50cm.

Types of taps and buttons to activate the water supply.

The valves that are used to start and stop the water supply from the apparatus are conventionally called taps and buttons, depending on how they are activated. Mechanical taps can be top- and bottom-pressed, with the advantage that they can be left open without the user having to hold them the whole time they are filling their cup. Replacing mechanical taps is considerably easier. Button machines look more elegant and clean, but they need to keep the button pressed all the time of filling. Some models are equipped with electronic water supply buttons.

More about the water device

The water supply device in 19l. bottles are colloquially referred to as Dispensers. Translated from English, the word Dispenser means “dosimeter/dispenser”. Water dispensers are also called Coolers, which translates to “cooler”. The main advantage of our water dispensers from 19l. bottles is HYGIENE. The models we have and have placed in our catalogue have been pre-tested by our team of service specialists and comply with the “NoInflux” system against the penetration of external particles and environmental influences for the highest level of protection and hygiene. Some of the models have additional dust collectors that refine the sanitation process. Depending on their functionalities, the devices differ mainly in the way they cool the water, being divided into those with compressor and electronic cooling. The water heating in all models is of the same type – by means of a hygienic tank with an electric heater. The variations allow the devices to be desktop and stand-alone. The models also offer various options for activating the water supply – some are equipped with mechanical push & pull taps, others with mechanical or touch buttons. The classic water dispensers are mainly white, but more modern solutions also offer grey and silver-coloured dispensers, as well as inox external elements and housing. The ultimate goal of the 19l. bottles is to provide the user with the ability to consume healthy bottled water suitably.

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