Water can protect you from headaches.

Water scarcity is a leading cause of feeling at home during the day and can often cause headaches. A glass of warm water will widen blood vessels, helping the blood to reach the brain more easily. More water = fresher, faster and properly functioning brain. What a simple recipe that can be key to your performance in the workplace!

By the time a person feels thirsty, his body has lost 1% of its water supplies.

Overwhelmed by multiple tasks, we often forget the importance of maintaining normal hydration levels in our body. Before long, headaches, uncontrollable yawns and an overall decrease in efficiency appear. It is a red lamp that we need to press „refresh“ with a few twink of living liquid. And if 1% sounds trivial to you, let’s see what the next point says about it.

Even mild dehydrationslows down human metabolism.

Metabolism is the way metabolism in the human body is carried out. It is important to strive to maintain a fast metabolism in order to be healthier and stronger. And since more than 70% of the functions in the body are carried out in an aquatic environment, the lack of water slows down and stresses all processes.

And if all this sounds a little troubling, think about when you last eded out of your water. We encourage you to do it again now!

A camel can drink from 100 to 150 liters of water in 10 minutes!

But, by contrast, the wondrous mammal lasts up to a week without even a drop of more water. They are extremely well adapted to withstand the extreme conditions offered by the desert. Their bodies are perfectly designed to use the water in their body optimally – their fur reflects sunlight, which reduces the flow; a feature in the construction of the nostrils helps to retain water when exhaled; and, contrary to popular belief, their humps are mainly composed of adipose tissue. When metabolizing 1 gram of fat, about 1 gram of water is released.

If a simple camel is capable of all this, then we believe that you can certainly drink at least 2 liters within the day!

Less than 1 percent of earth’s water is willingly available and drinkable.

If at this point, less than 10 meters from you there is drinking water, feel rich. Take advantage of this privilege every possible minute and remember that water gives the body health, rejuvenates the appearance of the skin, and refreshes the brain. Let us be grateful for this gift.

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